Agrotourism in messinia an authentic experience


We are a group of young people who came back to our village and started cultivating our grand parents’ olive groves. Our aim is the production and promotion of our -now standardized- olive oil abroad. In the five years that we work together we are proud to be sending our products to several countries abroad. Our life began to make sense and we now live nicely close to nature.



Come to visit us and explore our way of leaving. Be part of our group and let us guide you to our olive groves. Feel the experience of growing and harvesting the olives, taste the fresh olive oil as it is being produced in the olive press of our village.

Let us introduce you to our village with the beautiful cobblestone square, let's walk in the narrow streets with the small traditional houses and the beautiful flower-covered yards. Meet the locals and drink a tsipouro with them in the traditional cafe of the village.



When the sun sets, the yard of our house will be filled with music and the big wooden garden table will be prepared with care, full of local tastes and aromas.  We enjoy what we are producing and we feel proud of our routes. We want everyone who visits us to feel always welcome like a friend.




It was one of the best things I experienced in Greece

Peter Chris



Our food represents the traditional Greek gastronomy based on the most important ingredient: our Olive oil. Seize the opportunity to learn the story of the extra virgin olive oil, enjoy a tasting and learn how to introduce it in your kitchen by experienced farmers and producers.


For our guests, we select with care exceptional and tasteful products from our land, as well as fresh ingredients from the village and the nearby area that we always accompany with wine from local boutique wineries. Our big organic vegetable garden will offer us tasteful vegetables and herbs, while the big cobblestone oven of the yard will bake us fresh bread and prepare traditional meat and/or vegetable meals like Gemista and Mousaka. To top that, the tasteful journey will end with our home made yoghurt accompanied with traditional home-made “spoon sweets”.


In other words, we invite you to taste healthy and delicious recipes inspired by our cultural heritage but also fused with modern creative interventions, always with pure products of best quality from our vegetable garden or other local farmers. Come to experience the real scent of a garden and choose your aroma trip through a simple salad with ingredients that reveal all our love and care.

Our big stone table in the middle of our cobblestone yard waits to offer you our hospitality and friendship through our handmade food, tasteful local wine and cheering traditional melodies played live by friends...


Visiting the Olive Farms

Taste the local food

Harvesting period


Accommodation ROOMS & APARTMENTS

We suggest Kalamata Art Hotel for your accommodation. Kalamata art Hotel, is located on the central square of Kalamata city, a 40minutes drive from our village. It is perfect to allow you to get to know the Messinian capital with the beautiful beach. It is located right in the heart of the city’s central Square.





Sterna Messinias

35 km from Kalamata city



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